ThermoHID Template

This file can be used as a basis for a web page template.

The commands in square brackets [] in the .txt file will be replaced by actual data everytime a new measurement is made.
The resulting file will be stored at the location in "Local Destination" in the "FTP" Tab of the Settings and will be stored using the .htm extension.
If this setting is left blank then the resulting file will be called "ThermoHID.htm" and will be placed in the same directory as the application
If the "Host" box is completed then the above file (ThermoHID.htm) will be transferred. If "Host" is left blank, the file will only be stored locally.


Page created on [PageCreateTime]

Currently there are [NumActiveDevices] devices connected.

  • The temperature of "[DeviceID1]" is [CurrentTemperature1][TempUnits]. This was measured at [MeasTimeTemperature1]
  • The temperature of [DeviceID2] is [CurrentTemperature2][TempUnits].
    The first under alarm is [LowerAlarmState1] and will trigger when [DeviceID1] is less than [LowerAlarmLimit1][TempUnits].
    Device2 Alarm is [EitherAlarmState2] and will trigger when [DeviceID2] is greater than [UpperAlarmLimit2][TempUnits]
    Device3 AlarmState is [EitherAlarmState3]

    The lowest temperature that [DeviceID2] has ever reached is [MinTemperature2] whereas in the last [RangeText] it has only dropped to [LowTemperature2]

    The average temperature of [DeviceID1] is [AverageTemperature1][TempUnits] and has been as high as [MaxTemperature1][TempUnits]


    ThermoHID Home Page

    [NumActiveDevices] = "[NumActiveDevices]"
    [TempUnits] = "[TempUnits]"
    [RangeText] = "[RangeText]"
    [RefreshLimit] = "[RefreshLimit]"
    [Popup] = "[Popup]"
    [CommentText] = "[CommentText]"
    [DeviceID1] = "[DeviceID1]"
    [CurrentTemperature1] = "[CurrentTemperature1]"
    [MeasTimeTemperature1]= "[MeasTimeTemperature1]"
    [UpperAlarmLimit1] = "[UpperAlarmLimit1]"
    [LowerAlarmLimit1] = "[LowerAlarmLimit1]"
    [UpperAlarmState1] = "[UpperAlarmState1]"
    [LowerAlarmState1] = "[LowerAlarmState1]"
    [EitherAlarmState1] = "[EitherAlarmState1]"
    [MinTemperature1] = "[MinTemperature1]"
    [MaxTemperature1] = "[MaxTemperature1]"
    [LowTemperature1] = "[LowTemperature1]"
    [AverageTemperature1] = "[AverageTemperature1]"
    [HighTemperature1] = "[HighTemperature1]"
    [LastAlarmMeasTime1] = "[LastAlarmMeasTime1]"
    [History=5] = "[History=5]"