ThermoHID History

V1.0.0.1 Initial Version: Released 01 Feb 2010

V1.0.0.2 Released 03 Feb 2010

  • Fixed display of Fahrenheit units
  • Fixed problem reading stored values if only one sensor used.
  • Added capability for a third sensor
  • Added option to minimize to System Tray
  • Added ability to remember Title of each device
  • Misc. small bug fixes

    V1.0.0.3 Released 08 Feb 2010

  • Added Save and Load of Chart.
  • Added Temperature difference graph capability.
  • Misc. small bug fixes
  • Added icons on menus
  • Temperature Units (C or F) now remembered correctly when program is rerun
  • Added SimulRead button to read all sensors at the same time. (Although measurement is not yet threaded)

    V1.0.0.4 Released 17 Feb 2010

  • Fixed bug: Settings only saved if form not maximised.
  • Fixed bug: Periodic save value and units now saved.
  • Added Tray Popup on Alarm option
  • Added Run Program on Alarm option
  • Temperature Readout Precision Adjustment (right-click on Temperature display)
  • Added display dump history text
  • Fixed bug: Web Server sometimes has illegal exception
  • Made graph data file load and save routines more robust
  • Auto detect of HID Sensor insertion or removal

    V1.0.0.5 Released 25 Feb 2010

  • Fixed bug: 'Read every...' units now saved.
  • Now only allows one instance of the application to run.
  • Fixed bug: 'Run Prog' now works with all alarms (not just upper alarm).
  • Data now stored with Computer Name (useful if run from Network drive).
  • 'TempHIDData_COMPNAME.txt' now stored with readable date and time (penalty is slower to load).
  • Web Server output with '/text' now produces more readable, better output.
  • No longer has extra name (button) in Windows task bar when popup window appears.
  • 'Periodic Save Data every...' now replaced by 'AutoSave (append)' option. This will append the new data to the existing file every read.
  • Added countdown bar below 'Read every...' to indicate proximity of reading.
  • Alarm lines hilighted if mouse moved over alarm details in panel.
  • Can now choose wav file as alarm sound.
  • Configuration Tabs (Email/Web/Advanced) now get scroll bar if form resized.
  • Added option to only output temperature data in text view if temperature changes.

    V1.0.0.6 Released 01 Mar 2010

  • Fixed bug: Web Page text average now computed correctly.
  • Progress bar below chart is now hidden when not used.
  • Fixed bug: Run Prog now works again (I broke it in V1.0.0.5)
  • Option to save data with readable date/time or encoded date/time.
  • Textual Web Page now auto refreshes at the same interval as the measurement (option).
  • Email now can also show lines from text (dump)

    V1.0.0.7 Released 08 Mar 2010

  • Load and Free DLL now moved from button to menu.
  • Popup window does not display multiple lines for same alarm if 'Latched' is checked.
  • Alarms can now use midi files.
  • Fixed bug: Memory leak when saving chart.
  • Web Server 'Active' now displays Local IP address and Gateway/Proxy/Router IP address as hint.
  • Pressing red Alarm circle now stops alarm sound.
  • Chart Title now reflects requested time span for Web Server.
  • Check for program update can now use proxy server (Proxy details stored in Registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Chelton\ThermoHID\Settings").
  • Option to store data using current month and year in filename. (Keeps file size managable).
  • More parameters added for requesting web page.(Now has: text, d, h, r, s, t and p) For help see Web Page generated by the program.
  • Option to play current alarm 'wav' or 'mid' file 'inline' in web page. (Tested with Firefox, MSIE and Safari)
  • Calculate Temperature Difference is abandoned if there is not data in both series1 and series2 of the chart.
  • Moving the mouse over the alarm line on the chart causes the corresponding alarm title to be hilighted.
  • Up/down arrows now shown next to temperature to indicate temperature direction since last measurement.
  • Help Menu now has a link to the program home page.
  • Alarms and Configuration Tabs can now be undocked from the main form. (right-click on the area, choose '(Un)Dockable' then drag area new new location.
  • Added option for text display to only added line if temperature changes. (accessed by right-click on text display)
  • Alarms now trigger when temperature = Alarm (not just higher or lower).
  • Title of HID Device now reflected device list drop down box.

    V1.0.0.8 Released 10 Mar 2010

  • Program initialization timings shown in debug (To help find a slow start of program on some machines).
  • If 'Run when Windows Starts' and 'Minimize to Tray' are both ticked then program will start minimized.
  • Option to check for new program version when program starts.
  • Web Server now uses HTML tags &nbsp and &deg in generated web page.
  • Added HTML title tags to Web Server generated pages.
  • Now asks for proxy settings if 'Check for new version' cannot find the website.
  • Short msg can be sent on served web page. (dims when sent)
  • Tool tip on chart now show date consistant with regional settings.
  • If program close clicked (X) and 'Minimize to Tray' is checked then program now minimizes. Right-click tray icon to really close program.

    V1.0.0.9 Released 10 Mar 2010

  • 'Show Generated Web Page' added to right-click menu of tray icon.
  • Proxy Authentication Username now defaults to Windows login name if empty.
  • Web Server now uses HTML tags &nbsp and &deg in generated web page. (Now fixed properly)
  • Web Page title now centred.
  • Task bar caption now flashes if alarm occurs.

    V1.0.0.10 Released 12 Mar 2010

  • Finally fixed the degree symbol on the Web Page
  • Option to use ini file for settings if found. File->Use Ini File For Settings.
  • Can now send emails to Gmail accounts. (requires libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll) Use SMTP on port 465
  • Minor change to way Alarm and Settings dock (Don't need to right-click and set '(Un)Dockable'). Just drag..and drop.
  • Chart max and min now reflect AutoScroll Value (i.e. displayed duration)

    V1.0.0.11 Released 22 Mar 2010

  • Proxy Authentication hopefully fixed.
  • Added 'Flash Title' on Alarm option.
  • Email Password now stored encrypted. (If upissuing from a previous version then password will need to be re-entered).
  • Right-click on TaskBar icon and selecting 'Show Generated Web Page' now opens in default browser.
  • 'File->Use Ini File For Settings' now has option to remove 'other' settings. i.e. Option to remove registry settings when using ini files.
  • '(Un)Dockable' hint now removed on Alarms and Settings Panels.
  • Click on Web Client IP Address will now attempt to get Client location (using WhoIs)
  • 'Help->Check for New Version' now uses alternative method to download zip file if new version found.
  • Fixed bug: Successive Email Attachments would accumulate when sending email on alarm.
  • If problem with date when loading data then program now asks user to supply date format. (Useful when passing data file between countries with different date formats).
  • Added ability to change Y (vertical) axis maxima via the menu.
  • Now will not stop measuring if problem found with Data Save (append). e.g. Temporary loss of network drive.
  • Added 'w' option to Web Page server. w=1 sets Compact Mode (more suitable for viewing on PDA screens)
  • Added Send FTP file on Alarm option. Uses 'ThermoHID.txt' as template. (An example can be generated using 'File->Generate example txt file for FTP')
  • Can now send emails using currently installed MS Outlook using simple MAPI. (set 'SMTP Server'=outlook).
    Note: If you or your clients have installed the latest security patches for Outlook,
    you'll experience an annoyance when your application attempts to access Outlook mail items.
    A dialog will pop up and ask you if it's okay for the application to access its mail.
    Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't provide an override switch to tell Outlook that it's always okay for specific applications to access the mail.
    Apparently the best they could do was to allow the user to set a maximum of 10 minutes access time.
    This feature is therefore not useful for automated emails until I find a way around it (Probably Extended MAPI).
    See Microsoft's note on the matter

    V1.0.0.12 Released 29 Mar 2010

  • Fixed resource leak when chart image is saved. (Message was "Not enough storage space available to process this command")
  • Chart Y axes now works better when auto scale is set and autoscroll is set.
  • ToolTip of icon in System Tray now always shows last reading of each device.
  • If there is a problem with the append data then the program will force a full save.
  • Fixed problem when viewing text file from web page server
  • Added more debug if devices are inserted when debug is enabled.
  • Made "Generate Example text file for FTP" file more readable in Notepad.
  • Fixed a possible exception error when attempting to get remote IP Address.
  • Changed registry key for run program on Windows start to allow Windows7/Vista users to run as non-administrators
  • Added more keywords to template file for FTP (see Help below).
  • Fixed a small problem with averaging.
  • Added cc and bcc to email receipients
  • New icons for application.
  • Fixed bug: Append data was not saving second and third device properly.
  • Added jpeg compression quality for saved/sent charts. (File->JPEG Compression Quality)

    V1.0.0.13 Released 02 Apr 2010

  • Fixed bug: FTP file Min, Max and Av only updated if alarm condtion was true. Now updates each time a measurement is made.
  • Fixed bug: If program running when month changed and 'Use Date in Filename' checked then new file now created with only new month data in.
  • If 'Single Shot' used then popup and email happen also when alarm condition goes away.
  • Fixed bug: If program is closed, and then the data file is deleted, then program restarted, now does not cause error.
  • Browser should now open refreshed image (not cached one).
  • If 'Run when Windows Starts' is checked now put a shortcut in the Startup folder (It used to use the registry).
  • Added option to ignore temperature value if greater than a predefined difference from previous reading. (Ignore spurious readings)

    V1.0.0.14 Released 03 Apr 2010

  • Fixed bug: Now does not cause infinite loop if 'Ignore wild temperature reading' is set and log file has been deleted and CurrentTemp > WildTempSize
  • Fixed bug: FTP template setting [MinTemperature1/2/3] and [MaxTemperature1/2/3] now rounded to same number of decimal places as used elsewhere.
  • Fixed bug: email cc and bcc now works with gmail and outlook.

    V1.0.0.15 Released 15 Apr 2010

  • Added [LastAlarmMeasTime1/2/3] and [PageCreateTime] to FTP commands.
  • 'Read Temp' button now enabled if "Ignore Wild Temp Readings" is active.
  • If problem occurs when saving picture (for email and Web Page Serving) then message now handled without program stopping.
  • Better error reporting for FTP problems.
  • Now reports (by Sound/Email/Popup etc) if device read fails (i.e. reads -100). The sound is changed with File->Sound to use if device read error.
  • Added 'Add (Append) Data from File' menu option.
  • Fixed bug: Corrected a problem with storing settings in registry when ini file selected.
  • Added option to email debug info. (Help->Email Debug Info to the Author).

    V1.0.0.16 Released 06 May 2010

  • Web Page text display now shows high and low alarm value in the table.
  • Stopped 'Invalid Class String' error if 'Email to..' pressed and MS Outlook not installed.
  • If device becomes 'not connected' then App Title (in Taskbar) is now updated to show 'No Devices'.
  • Fixed bug: If certain network problems encountered when program first run then display of problem message would cause 'Exception error'.
  • Alarm email not attempted if destination not set.
  • Can now incorporate Localized Temperature from Internet weather site.
  • Added ability to send Temperature info to URL (e.g. to PHP). This can be used for data collection off site.
  • Added [CurrentInternetTemperature], [MeasTimeIntenetTemperature] and [InternetTemperatureLocation] to FTP commands.

    V1.0.0.17 Released 12 May 2010

  • Corrected C/F display error for Internet Temperature
  • Email to Verizon account can now use Authentication
  • 'Read Temp' and 'SimulRead' buttons now show which is active (small red dot)
  • Added option to send Email if program not shutdown correctly e.g. power failure
  • Moved FTP checkbox from 'Alarm Trigger Action' section to FTP tab and renamed as 'Active'
  • 'Read Temp' now also reads Internet Temp if active.
  • Can now use '' or '' to check location for Internet Temp
  • Internet Temp using Google now shows observation time in local time zone
  • Graph now plots Internet Temp at observation time instead of time 'Get Internet Temp' button pressed.

    V1.0.0.18 Released 26 May 2010

  • Fixed an occasional problem extracting City/State/Country info from '' for Get Internet Temp Location.
  • Internet Temp now capable of being saved to and loaded from file.
  • Chart Series (device) removed from the legend will now be 'remembered'. (Change with Chart Edit->Series tab->[Choose from dropdown]->General tab->Show in Legend checkbox)
  • Fixed Help->Check for New Version (Application Web Auto Update) problem. Should now download and extract file.
  • Calibration offsets for the devices can now be entered. Uses cardinal points and interpolates between them.
  • Chart BottomAxis DateTimeFormat will now be 'remembered'. (Change with Chart Edit->Chart tab->Axis tab->'Bottom Axis'->Labels tab->Format tab->DateTime Format: box)
  • Window height and width now 'remembered' setting. (Reset to default with Help->Reset Window To Default Size)
  • Added support for send SMS on Alarm option. Can use either Kapow! (UK based) or TrueSenses (Swiss based). Both require user registration and credits.
  • Added Relative Alarms for when multiple devices are used.
  • Completely re-programmed how the internet is accessed. Can now use same routines that MSIE uses (WinInet) or Independent method (Indy) as before.

    V1.0.0.19 Released 01 Jun 2010

  • Email on Alarm now set false by default.
  • Added Internet Temperature to Served Web Page Title in Browser.
  • Added Min and Max Internet Temperature to Chart display.
  • Included Internet Temperature if appropriate when calculating Y Axis Autoscale.
  • Now asks if 'Active' should be set if not active and 'Read Internet Temp' is pressed.
  • Fixed some problems with setting Date and Time Format.
  • Now shows a warning message if Internet Temp HTML information cannot be found.
  • Added 'View Internet Temp Text File' to served textual Web Page.
  • Fixed some problems with loading log files that were stored using a different locale.
  • Added 'Copy To Clipboard' button to message box. (Primarily to grab error messages so they can be sent to me)
  • Added ability to show night on chart for current location. Location can be user entered or obtained from Internet Temp (WUI only).
  • Added option to show graphic for current weather if using Internet Temperature.
  • Fixed bug extracting date and time from Weather Underground.
  • Fixed problem with SMS 'Check Credit' at Truesenses (fixed only for Indy at present).
  • Fixed bug: Internet Temperature file not clearing existing data when starting new month.
  • Added ability to append Internet Temperature Data.

    V1.0.0.20 Released 03 Jun 2010

  • Fixed problem with Longitude sign for calculating nighttime (West=positive).
  • Can now enter Lat and Lon using deg,min,sec,dir as well as decimal degrees.
  • Chart Title can be extended by up to two lines which will be 'remembered'.

    V1.0.1.21 Released 05 Jul 2010

  • Internet Temp only saved if new reading is changed from last reading.
  • Fixed bug: Now displays temperature of third device in taskbar.
  • Added support for HIDTEMPerHUM and HIDTEMPer2 and HIDTEMPerNTC devices.
  • Fixed a problem with entering decimal numbers in calibration table.
  • Calibration can now be switched off (without setting all values in table to 0)
  • If there are empty gaps in the calibration table the program will ask if you want to interpolate between previous and next values.
  • Ability to swap columns in Calibration table using drag and drop (if device is moved to different USB port)
  • Now records Humidity from Internet.
  • Y Axis Autoscale Maximum extended by +1 degree and minimum extended by -1 degree.
  • Chart Legend position now 'remembered'
  • Chart MaxMin text box on chart display position and visibility now 'remembered'
  • Current conditions added into web page server text.
  • Added [CurrentHumidity1], [CurrentHumidity2] and [CurrentHumidity3] and [CurrentInternetHumidity] to FTP commands.
  • Added [Devicetype1] and [DeviceType2] and [DeviceType3] to FTP commands. (These could be any of HidTEMPer1, HidTEMPer2, HidTEMPerNTC or HidTEMPerHUM)
  • Added [CurrentExternal1] and [CurrentExternal2] and [CurrentExternal3] to FTP commands.
  • Added [InternetActive] and [CurrentInternetConditions] to FTP commands.
  • HidFTDll.dll updated.
  • Format of saved data file changed. (Now includes Internet Temperature and Humidity). Program will still load 'old' style files though.
  • Left Axis on chart now shows Humidity.
  • If Calibration is entered there is now an option to apply it to the data already measured. File->Apply the selected correction to the historical data (graph) on Calibration window.
  • Chart Legend and MaxMin box now semi-transparent.
  • Red spot on Temperature/Humidity reading text box shows correction used.
  • Ability to read and write 'simple' correction to internal memory of each device. (Not currently used by ThermoHID).
  • Added calculation/display of Dew Point (see ToolTip of Humidity reading).
  • ToolTips for graph line now improved.
  • Improved 'Check Surrouding Locations' PWS (Personal Weather Stations) must use Weather Underground (WUI).

    V2.0.1.22 Released 05 Jul 2011

  • Fixed bug: If 'Run Prog' is selected when the program is started, then the user was asked to specify the program to run even though it had already been specified.
  • Fixed bug: Sometimes maximum and minimum humidity and secondary probe values were wrongly calculated.
  • Fixed bug: When the program is started, the latest Humidity data is now used as the previous reading.
  • Added ThermoHIDRealTime.txt. This file contains the latest real time data for all the devices read.
  • Added ability to send ThermoHIDRealTime.txt by FTP.
  • Added facility to save a log file (ThermoHID.log). Enabled using Help->Keep Log File.
  • Now it only activates each graph line on the first press of the SimulRead/Read Temp button. (So the graph lines which have been removed for clarity, are not automatically re-activated.)
  • Added support for TEMPerV1.2 (Note: Currently it only supports one device)
  • Moved Settings to a separate window.
  • Added Dewpoint Alarm (only for TEMPerHUM devices)
  • Added 'Timed Alarms' i.e. Alarms can be inhibited at certain times of the day.
  • Added a time interval to upload a periodic FTP.
  • Added a time interval for periodic emails.
  • Added email with'Use Authentication' as a separate checkbox. (it was previously decided, depending on the SMTP server).
  • Moved the display of Internet Temperature and Internet Humidity, to be with the other measured readings.
  • More Chart settings are now remembered: Margins,Axis Font Colour, Back Colour.
  • Fixed bug: If there was a problem loading the Data File, then the file was not closed.
  • Fixed bug: A period (.) is now allowed as a date separator in the data file.
  • Existing data file is saved as backup, if the loading of a file is cancelled.
  • Fixed bug: the FTP port can now be set to something other than 21.
  • Fixed bug: Now it does a full save of the data file, if the units (C/F) are changed.
  • Enhanced facilities for copy and paste.
  • Fixed bug: previously saved charts, can now be loaded from a file.
  • A previously saved chart, can now be loaded as a passed parameter on the program "start up".
  • Function graphs can now be added to a chart. (Average etc.)
  • Fixed bug: With Large Fonts (120dpi) switched on, the chart was not displayed properly.
  • Added Deviation Alarm.
  • Fixed bug: A non-period (.) decimal separator, can now be used in the Calibration Table.

    V2.0.1.23 Released 05 Sep 2011

  • Fixed bug: Fixed error in C to F conversion for external probe of Devices 2 and 3
  • Added: New '/list' command to Web commands
  • Changed: '/it=' to '/n=' Web Command
  • Added: Localization for the following languages: Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, German, Bulgarian, French, Portuguese.
  • Changed: Upper and Lower alarms now disabled if device not connected.
  • Changed: Primary and Secondary alarms are now called Sensor1 and Sensor2 alarms. (For clarity)
  • Added: Secondary Alarms (used to provide additional alarm if temperature continues to rise/drop)
  • Fixed: Corrected previous humidity value at program start up. (uses last value from loaded file)
  • Added: Support for new style TEMPerHUMV1.2 (Currently limited to 1 device)
  • Added: If 'Read every...' is set to '0' then the program will attempt the maximum possible measurement frequency. (Older type devices: Approx. 1 measurement every 2 seconds. Newer type devices: Approx. 4 measurements/second)
  • Added: Support for multiple instances. Two instances (in different folders) can now be run to support up to 6 devices.
  • Changed: Settings now saved when Settings window is closed as well as at program close.
  • Fixed: Time format can now work with millisecond resolution. (This does not change the time taken to take a reading.)
  • Changed: Chart library code version. (This means previously saved charts may need to be re-saved.)
  • Added: Option to turn off Internet Humidity when getting Internet Temperature.
  • Added: Support for TEMPer1K2 (Currently limited to 1 device)
  • Fixed: If chart was saved and Show Night activated then duplicate Night bands were shown when chart was reloaded.
  • Added: Real Time images of current temperature are now saved to disk for use by other applications e.g. WebcamXP
  • Changed: 'Read Temp' button now disabled if using new type devices.
  • Added: Title at top of Window now shows current temperature values.
  • Added: Alternative FTP method. (Selectable with 'Use Indy for Internet')
  • Fixed: Alarm email subject was sometimes blank.
  • Added: Password ability to Web server section.
  • Added: User defineable Timeout to FTP.

    V2.0.1.24 Released 06 Aug 2012

  • Added: Support for TEMPer2V1.1
  • Added: Alarm sent to Twitter
  • Added: Alarm sent to Skype (V5.10)
  • Added: Alarm sent to SMS via Skype
  • Added: Clock display to Loading data (progress) window for monitoring very large files
  • Added: Option 'g=1' to Web to show chart with text
  • Fixed: Missing alarm display if device is TEMPer1K2
  • Added: Chart editor languages: Polish, Danish, Hungarian
  • Added: If Chart annotation added (Options->Chart->Edit->Tools->Add...Annotation) and text colour is set to graph colour, then latest reading will be displayed in right margin
  • Added: Ability to update a graph on the chart from exernally derived data. ThermoHID monitors the external file date.
  • Added: Ability to use HTML template for email alarms. (Uses ThermoHIDEmail.txt)
  • Added: New '/list' command to Web commands
  • Added: Optional custom Subject for email alarm
  • Added: [DeviceColor] to HTML tags for FTP file template
  • Added: Alarm to control USB Mains switch

    V2.0.1.25 Released 11 Sep 2012

  • Fixed: Email Subject not saved or loaded from Settings
  • Fixed: Problem adding new Annotation Tool to chart
  • Added: Email subject can now contain tags in square brackets [] which are populated when the email is sent
  • Added: Ability to add command line parameters containing tags to a program that is triggered to run by an alarm
  • Added: Warning note that Google has closed their (undocumented) Internet Weather API service.

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